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   March 23, 2018

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Question:   January 26, 2005 :

Dear Maverick,

Hi my name is Shane. I live in Michigan and my home field is Hell Survivors in Pinckney Mi. I've played paintball for about 3 1/2 years now and have realized the expense of modern paintball. I have a Tippmann 98 custom and a Piranha E-force. Buying a case of paintballs every time I want to play is starting to get old. I've been thinking about selling my stuff for some time now because of how expensive paintball is becoming. I have been looking at pump players in magazines and at the field and have always respected them because of there skill and talent.

I've seen the Phantom Stock class markers and the Phantom Pump class markers and I cant really chose between one of them. I want the challenge of 10 shots and a 12 gram but I would also like to have a 9 oz. and a 40 shot hopper. I think I should go with a 9 oz and a 40 round hopper. What do you think I should do since I don't have any experience with a pump marker.  Also I would like to know some of the websites of where I can learn more on pump paintball and where I could possible buy a pump marker. I hope to hear from you. Thanks.



Dear Shane,

Congratulations on your decision to give pump and/or stock class paintball a try. To be perfectly honest, this part of the sport is not for everyone, but for those who enjoy it, it can be very rewarding. There is nothing quite like being able to make an elimination with only one or two shots rather than just shooting until you hit something. Its an entirely different philosophy though, and you have to learn to play the game very differently. This can be a great challenge, or very frustrating , that's all up to you.
To start out with, id suggest you try playing "hopper ball" with your current set up. You don't need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on all new equipment just to decide if you like to play this way. Limit your paintballs in your hopper, or use a small 40 round hopper instead of a revy or larger hopper. Learn to pick your shots, and only shoot one round at a time. If you can do this successfully with a little practice, then you can consider taking the next step.
If you do decide to buy a pump, start slow. Get yourself a good used pump to develop your skills with. This will allow you to not only learn how to work a pump, but be effective at it (harder than it sounds.) It'll also give you a chance to "break into" pump play without spending allot, and see if you really do enjoy it. Later, you can upgrade to a Phantom or higher end pump. If you buy new, buy from an established retailer. There are plenty places to buy a pump that have good reputations for service and quality, which can be found in the
links page right here at SCP.
Another great resource is our message boards. The membership there is dedicated to the sport and very knowledgeable. They welcome new players and there is no such thing as a stupid question. So don't be afraid to sign up (its free) and post your questions there.

I hope this helps, thanks for writing!


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