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   March 23, 2018

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Stuck on stock class Hall of Fame

Picture contest, Summer 2003

The name is showing up all over the place! From Tanks in the mid east, to porta-potties in Ohio, stock Class players are proudly showing their colors! We held a contest to start this gallery off, its closed now, but that doesnt mean you still cant send your pictures in to be hosted in our hall of fame!
You send em, ill add em!

10 shot kid, Pic 1
Click to enlarge
10 shot kid, Pic 2
Click to enlarge
Rathbaster, pic 1
Click to enlarge
Rathbaster , pic 2
Click to enlarge
Rathbaster, pic 3
Click to enlarge
Rathbaster, pic 4
Click to enlarge
Rathbaster, pic 5
Click to enlarge
Lady Marshal (w/ Tom Kaye)
Click to enlarge
Dan the Man, "Raise em Right"
Click to enlarge
Big Matt, in the shop
Click to enlarge
Amhildreth, Special option Illusion!
Click to enlarge
Maverick (non entrant), Hot rods and paintball!
Click to enlarge
Lexiones, look! were in vid games too!
Click to enlarge
Lexiones, and movies too!

Please e-mail your SCP pictures to Maverick

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