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   March 23, 2018

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We are Stock Class Paintball

The under-brush dense, the air thick with the smell of paint and co2, several players move cautiously down the trail. Something moves in the bushes just ahead, the twitchy group opens up eagerly at the chance to clear the area ahead. The paint rains down in front of them, the sound of the fast shooting, semi automatic paintball guns firing is almost deafening. The leaves disintegrate, the liquid mist of paintball fill glistens in the air, they keep shooting only pausing to empty a fresh pod of paint into their greedy hoppers.
A solitary paintball hits its mark; one of the shooting players suddenly feels the impact, tasting the spray of a paintball as it drips through his mask and onto his lip. He has no choice but to call himself out. The rest of the group shoo
ts even more enthusiastically, knowing their opponent is near. The bushes in front of them turn Technicolor, dripping with bright paint, pieces of shell sticking to what’s left of the battered and beaten foliage. Not one of them has seen even a glimpse of an “enemy.”
Two more of the shooters feel the impact of enemy paint, one ignores it and keeps shooting, too caught up in the moment for the synapses of his brain to connect the feeling with being eliminated. A second shot into the side of his head corrects the lapse. The other, a bit shocked, simply turns and walks away bewildered. The last remaining shooter makes a run for it, goggles first into the paintball with his name on it.

From the side of the trail, a player can be seen emptying a ten round tube into her stock class paintball gun. She doesn’t need a full ten paintballs, but it’s wise to be safe. The half full tube is tucked carefully back into its spot on the harness. She walks off through the hole beaten into the underbrush by the opponents paintballs, stopping briefly to pick up the empty ten round tube she tossed over there just minutes before...

And so it goes, perhaps you’ve seen them, maybe not. They are present at many paintball fields every weekend, their numbers are growing, and people tend to call them “old school.” Some might be, but many are not. There is one thing that is unmistakable about them; they choose to play paintball in a world of electro-pneumatic markers, electronic triggers, and race guns that can make it rain paint so thick you can’t see through it. Their markers that shoot one ball at a time and have to be cocked after each shot, and they still dominate.

These are the things legends are made of, outgunned, under supplied rebels that wreak havoc and accomplish tasks most people don’t believe until they find themselves cleaning the paint from their shiny, expensive 20 ball per second pride and joy.
Make no mistake;
the image can be just as clear on the speedball court as it can in the woods. Stock and pump class players are very adept at adapting to different fields. If required, many pump players can throw an astonishing amount of paint, much to the surprise of their semi playing brethren. Add to that an increased awareness of shooting angles, movement, and strategy and you’ve got one heck of a speedball player!

When all is said and done they are just paintball players, not much different than any of the thousands of sportsmen and women that go out to play every weekend. One thing is clear, they have chosen a different playing style and discovered that with planning and practice, superior firepower doesn’t always ensure victory. Stock class players have learned that their most important piece of equipment aside from their goggles is the stuff between their ears.

What’s old is new again, but has been elevated to levels never before imagined. When old school enthusiasm, honor, and strategy are combined with modern mechanics, playing styles, and technology, the results can be quite
spectacular. Stock and pump class paintball is rapidly becoming a sub-culture in the sport, with a renewed emphasis on the player rather than the machine they carry. They certainly revere their equipment, some made before the player was, but rarely will you see the equipment as it was originally built. Today’s technology allows us to upgrade the internal workings, barrels, even the lubricant is light years ahead of what was liberally applied during the manufacturing process.
Today’s pump and Stock class markers are more reliable, easier to tune, and the resulting package makes for accuracy and range rarely achieved back in the beginnings of our sport. Recently manufactured pump markers are made of the same stuff as even the top of the line race guns using the same technology and sometimes even the same parts. The equipment can be downright outstanding and even intimidating to the unaware. But they still only shoot one ball at a time, the results based upon the player, not the tool.

Players around the world
are tiring of their sport stagnating under the guise of action and excitement. Players squaring off at each other, not moving, and shooting hundreds of rounds of paint a game from the same point on the field actually gets boring to some. To those, stock and pump class has great appeal. Suddenly their game is on a different level, it takes dedication, practice, and brain activity to be successful. Its hard work and you have to learn how to loose before you’ll win, but oh what fun once you figure it out! The challenge is exactly why we play and when successfully overcome, it can be an amazing experience. Nothing is quite as satisfying in the sport, as eliminating your opponent with one shot while ducking a hundred.

Watch your flanks, you never know when there’s a stock class player nearby until it’s too late. We are Stock Class Paintball, and if we’re not already there, well be coming to a field near you very soon …

- Maverick

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