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   March 23, 2018

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How To Start Stock Class In Your Area
April 22, 2002

How To Start Stock Class In Your Area


Many players would like to play stock, but are finding that fellow players in their area are reluctant to give up their bulk loading semis. I don't blame them really. It's nice to have 200 paintballs (or more) and a large supply of air at your disposal. Playing with semis is fun. Playing stock is fun too, folks just don't know it. The trick is to get them to play ONCE. Most players, once they have tried stock class, will want to play stock again.

Here are some tips to help you start stock in your area. They will work, if you are patient and persevere. I know, because I used these tips to help start stock in my area. What you are trying to do is to gradually "wean" players off their semis and accept the limited paint and air of a stockgun.

Many times you will be questioned, or worse ridiculed, for bringing a stockgun into a semi game. Here's a line I use. "Yes, I'm playing with a stockgun. So now YOU have a choice, you can out- play me or you can out-shoot me [point to the player's semi]. Whatever's easier for you, man."


1.Gather a group of players together that don't mind having limited paint games. Let them use their semis and their bulk loaders, but restrict them to 100 paintballs a game. This will get them used to having limited paint at their disposal. Once that's done . . .

2.Over time, gradually reduce the number of balls per game, until you're down to 30, and players are still enjoying themselves. This tip will get players used to taking their time and making shots count. Once that's done . . .

3.Start restricting semis to stick feeders of no more than 20 paintballs. However, they have no paint-per-game limits, now. Now they're used to only have 20 balls in the marker and they have ten- shot tubes. Once that's done . . .

4.Stay with the stick feeders. Start playing pump only days. This will get them used to having to pump for every shot. Once that's done . . .

5.Keep your pump days, but only allow 12 grams. Now players are getting used to not having constant air. Once that's done . . .

6.Start organizing stock days. Once that's done . . .

7. You will have a core of players, who want to play stock, to build on. Once that's done . . .

8. On stock days, when there are other groups of semi players and new players on the field, offer to sit out a few games and loan them your gear to let them try playing stock class. "Hey, what do you have to lose?" you say, "I'll even supply the paint and 12 grams, no charge!" I don't know very many paintballers who will pass up free paint. (If ANY player refuses your offer of free paint, nod, smile, don't make eye contact and back away slowly. Avoid them for the rest of the day. They're obviously a few balls short of a full loader, and VERY unstable.) Once a player has played stock class, they usually realize how much fun it is. Now they want to play stock. Once that's done . . .

9.Try convincing any local tourney organizers to add stock class to their tourney. To convince them, show them a list of names of the stock players in the area. They won't run a stock level in their event, if they don't think there will be enough teams in it. You should have enough stock players in your area to put at least five teams in the stock division. If there are no local tourneys, organize a stock class "Fun Tourney Day" at your local field. Once that's done . . .

10.You have stock class established in your area. Also realize that your fellow stock players also have high-tech semis, you should still have semis play days, 'cause it's still fun to play with a semi.


When you decide to start playing stock class (steps 5 and 6) sit down and decide what the most popular stockgun is in your group of fledgling stock players. That way you may be able to get bulk purchase discounts. Let's say there are ten players in your area who want to play stock class. They all agree to buy the Sluggo Paintgun Industries "Stocker". If you shop around, you will probably be able to get a deal from a local retailer or a mail order retailer. (By the way the Sluggo Paintgun Industries "Stocker", not a real stockgun, I don't like to mention actual guns, in case someone misinterprets that as an Official Endorsement from Yours Truly).


These ten steps will take time, so be patient. It may take years to get stock class established in your area. However, the last five steps are the easiest, compared to the first five. It is important to have that core of dedicated stock players, or none of this will work.

The most important thing to remember is that if you want folks to play stock, you better be using a stockgun. No one will jump on a bandwagon you are not already on.

Good luck, and happy stocking!

This article belongs to Durty Dan

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