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   March 23, 2018

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RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun (14 Inch Barrel)


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Inside the Splatmaster
June 5, 2002

Inside the Splatmaster

The Survival game Splatmaster (s/n #C52713 pictured)


  • Lightweight polymer construction, very "solid" feeling despite its "plastic" appearance.
  • Integrated peep sight
  • push button type safety.
  • 11 round ammo capacity , one in the chamber, ten in the magazine (requires cigar tube which slips into the upper body.)
  • Integrated trigger guard with index finger rest.
  • single shot, push to cock firing.
  • powered by standard 12 gram CO2 cartridges.
  • Ball and spring type internal ball détente (first use of this system in paintball??)
  • True stock class .


The NSG Splatmaster was the First successful mass produced paintball specific marker produced solely for the sport of paintball. Prior to the Splatmaster, markers were adapted for use in paintball, or borrowed from other applications. Manufactured and Marketed by "The Survival Game" also known as "National Survival Games" or NSG, in the mid eighties, it was initially produced to support the same companies franchised paintball field operations. Cheap and easy to produce, with a simple design, it was very successful. The Splatmaster lived right on into the early 90’s, even after the field franchises had been long gone.

Retailing for around $80.00, it was by far the most economical paintgun available at the time, and remained that way for many years. Later incarnations of the original Splatmaster were the "Rapide" a double action semi auto pistol with a 20 round vertical spinloader, as well as the "Rapide Comp", complete with constant air adapter, shoulder stock, and a longer "sniper" barrel.

The Splatmaster is a pure stock class pistol. 10 round cigar type tubes fit into the upper receiver above the barrel in the front. Arming the gun is accomplished by pushing in a large plunger at the rear of the gun. The sear is part of the trigger, and catches on the guide rail which is attached to the cocking plunger. This in turn locks the bolt and the entire barrel in a forward position, allowing a ball to drop into the breech. Pulling the trigger, the bolt and barrel release, moving rearward, as CO2 is expelled from the valve pushing the ball forward. At rest the oval port to allow a ball to drop (rear end of the barrel,) is just behind the ball feed port in the gun body, which prevents double feeding by blocking off the feed. A very simple, yet effective design.

Powered by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge in the integrated grip handle (almost identical in design to the original nelspot 007 marker,) the Splatmaster gets between 20 and 30 shots to every 12 gram. The body is made of a plastic type polymer, and is fairly durable, yet lightweight.

Cutaway of the NSG Splatmaster

Service and maintenance:

Due to the simplistic design of the Splatmaster, there isn’t much to do as far as maintenance goes. Clean after every use with a damp cloth, swab out the barrel, and your good to go.


Not recommended, but if you must: Loosen the five small Phillips head screws via the access holes in the body. Loosen the large phillips head screw in the center of the body (this holds the valve in.) Remove the barrel cap (one piece slip one fixture at the end of the barrel which holds both halves of the body together.) Finnish loosening all of the screws, but do not remove them from the body, let them sit in the holes so they don't get mixed up. Carefully separate the two halves of the body, using great caution not to loose the two small springs. One spring is in the trigger assembly, the other is for the détente. note how these fit, they may pop out when you split the body open.

Reassembly is the reverse, the hardest part is getting the détente spring back in. I highly recommend you seat the valve on the valve screw first (you left it in its half of the body right? , just sit the valve back over it.)Fit the rest of the assembly after that, you can put the trigger spring in last, it will slip in easily after the rest is assembled. Tighten all screws being careful not to over tighten so you don't strip the threaded holes. Test the mechanism, and check for leaks. Fire only in a safe area , never pointing a loaded paintball gun at anyone or any living thing outside of goggle wearing game play.

Velocity adjustment:

The Splatmaster has no factory means of adjusting the velocity. It will commonly shoot between 220 Feet Per Second, and 260 FPS. Some industrious Splatmaster owners have added spacers to the main spring, or found replacements, to increase the velocity a bit.


The Splatmaster has a limited upgrade path. Some possibilities are brass lining the plastic barrel for greater accuracy, polishing the plastic barrel, upgrading the springs for slightly increased velocity, and possibly increasing the gas flow by porting the valve a bit to improve consistency. I've done none of these, but they would be welcome improvements. Replacing the knurled knob that secures the CO2 tank has been recommended in the past, as they have a tendency to crack , or malfunction from over tightening.


The Splatmaster performs lackluster at best. At times it will misfire, or fire a low velocity round even with a full 12 gram cartridge, or not even fire at all. However, when it does prime properly, it has good range and accuracy. Despite its short comings, its a blast to play with. The light weight allows for rapid movement. Being only about 13 inches long, its easy to maneuver and has a low profile. I have played speedball and hyperball with great success against electro’s with my Splatmaster. Its also great for recon and "snipering" at close range in woods games. The most common use of the Splatmaster in modern big games and scenarios is as a side arm, as its easily holsterable and light weight.

Internal parts of a Splatmaster.

The NSG Splatmaster has earned its place in paintball history, and continues to earn respect of fields throughout the world today, almost 20 years after its introduction. Its not the fastest, or the most reliable, or even the prettiest paint pistol you can find, but its durable and in my book, its shortcomings just add a bit of adventure to playing with one. Using one tends to remind us of the true nature of the game we enjoy so much, that of sportsmanship, honor, adventure, tactics, and oodles of fun.. :)

NEW!! Working animation courtesy "Meph"

- Maverick

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