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   March 23, 2018

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RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun (14 Inch Barrel)


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Stock-Class Tournament Rules
August 8, 20001

1. Paintball Gun

  a. Pump action, 0.68 caliber.

  b. Single 12 gram CO2 powerlet only. No check valves.

  c. Requires the removal (unscrewing) knob or housing to change the powerlet. (No lever changers.)

  d. Horizontal feed, 20 round maximum.

  e. Vertical feed, 10 round maximum. (Any configuration that allows more than one paintball to be stacked over the breech feed opening.)

  f. External velocity adjusters must be locked into position.

  g. Any length barrel. No silencers or sound suppressor extensions.

  h. Any type of stocks, grips and sights.

2. Paintballs

  a. 0.68 caliber

  b. Unaltered factory condition.

  c. No coating with powders, sprays or any substances.

3. Chronographing

  a. Maximum firing velocity for horizontal feed 300 f.p.s..

  b. Maximum firing velocity for vertical feed 275 f.p.s..

  c. Each player must chrono upon exiting the field with a fresh 12 gram powerlet.

  d. (1) Clearing shot is allowed. The average of (3) shots is recorder. Firing above the maximum velocity shall be assessed penalties as follows:

    Horizontal feed. 301 to 316 f.p.s. - (2) points per foot.
    317 f.p.s. and above - (50) points maximum.

    Vertical feed. 276 to 291 f.p.s. - (2) points per foot.
    292 f.p.s. and above - (50) points maximum.

4. Goggles / Clothing / Equipment

  a. Field approved goggle system with full-face protection.

  b. Long sleeve shirt and pants sized to fit player, (2) layers of clothing maximum.

  c. Oversized, draped or ghillie type clothes are prohibited. Bright polychromatic and water repellent clothing (e.g. nylon, vinyl and rubberized fabrics) are prohibited.

  e. Kneepads and harness systems must be worn on the outside of clothing.

  f. No equipment allowed on playing field that could be used to effect velocity settings.

  g. No pyrotechnic or similar devices.

  h. Inspection of player and equipment may be conducted on the playing field or staging area to determine safety and fair play.

5. Pre Tournament Requirements & Game Rules To Be Determined By Promoter

Courtesy of CCI

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