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   March 23, 2018

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RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun (14 Inch Barrel)


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Royal Flush Barrel Jimmie Review
April, 2003

"Pistol Safety? It's In The Bag"

After hearing of a barrel bag that would actually fit my pistol arsenal, I had to pry open the wallet and get one. I placed an order with the Crash Landing store, and bunkered the mailman for the next 3 days until it arrived.

Royal Flush colors

My initial response was that it seemed very well put together. The bag is made from Cordura - the same material that many motorcycle jackets are made from. The stitching was very solid, unlike some other bags that are currently available *cough* 32degrees *cough*. The length adjustment seems fairly standard; just depress the button on the length adjuster, slide it up the strings until the bag is tight on the barrel, and release. The wide mouth on the Jimmie was now going to be put to the test.

1'st up was the Splatmaster. Loaded with a paint tube, the Splatty fit perfectly with no effort. Tighten the drawstring, and take 2 shots. At roughly 260fps, the bag barely flinched. Nice. The bag was easy to clean with some hot water, and onto the Illusion Pro with the 15rd Sheridan feed. The Jimmie fit over both "barrels" - again with no effort. 2 shots in at 285 fps, and the bag didn't even move. Clean up, and on to the PGP. Hmm...using the bone-stock configuration, the bag doesn't really fit the end of the older PGP's - the mouth isn't quite wide enough to clear the pump handle. I put my extended CO2 changer on, and tried it again. The bag hooked over the end of the knob, and I secured the string by the trigger frame. At 255 fps, the shot went into the bag, but also blew the bag off the end of the gun. I tried it again, this time tightening the string near the bolt. Two more shots went in, and the bag barely flinched. For reference, the Jimmie works well with the newer PGP's.

Royal Flush Barrel Jimmies, Only at Crash Landing!!

After the test, the bag was rinsed in hot water, and hung outside to dry. Too bad we had 40mph+ winds that day. My neighbor 5 blocks over wound up with a great pistol cover. Oh well.

After beating one of these things into ground, it seems that Royal Flush has not only supplied a needed product for a mostly ignored market, but supplied a great product as well. Durable, easy to use, good looking, and now a necessity on pretty much all legal fields. If you own a pistol, KP series, or one of many short barrel/large pump configurations, the Royal Flush Pistol Jimmie will be a long-term "must have!" safety item. Cheap insurance such as these can be very hard to find.

- -Andy "Amhildreth"

Edit Note: Crash Landing will replace the ones that do not fit for free. Royal flush based the product on the new PGP(2k) and the updated model is due soon and has been modified to fit the older PGP's. The "old" ones will fit the pgp with the pump in the back position. Once we receive the new ones the buyers of the first ones will be contacted and given instruction on how to get the new model.

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