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   March 23, 2018

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RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun (14 Inch Barrel)


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"Clearing Up An Illusion"

I've always been one of those people that like things big, blocky, and without alot of glitz. Everthing from my model tractors and trains, to my Chevy pickup and Sheridan arsenal.

When I saw the new Action Markers "Klear Kit", with an acrylic 10 round feed tube, ball gate, and re-designed pump handle for the Illusion, it seemed a change of preference could be in order.

The postman dropped a package at the door, and ran as quickly as possible. He knew I would attack it like a wild dog. The pump handle and feed tube w/clear CCI feed-gate were well packaged, and absolutely beautiful.

AMhildreth's Illusion, Clarified!

The new handle is longer, and with a lower, more rounded profile than the stock offering. The new acrylic goodness went on easily, and the differences were noticed immediately. The new handle easily fits even large paws such as mine. Tt has a ridge in the front, allowing the player a nice spot to place a finger or two.

The action is just as smooth as the original, with no rubbing or catching to marr the performance. During testing, I noticed that the new handle design actually allowed me to shoot 1-2bps FASTER! A very big plus when facing down a group of rabis semis.

I will issue this warning when installing the new acrylic handle - DO NOT overtighten the 4 screws that mount the handle to the pump rails. Just snug them slightly, and no more. If tightened to much, the handle will crack in the inside. Oops! After another 50rds of use, it still works fine. Phew!

clear pump handle

The clear ball tube and gate press right into the SC elbow, and look beautiful. The horizontal tube will hold 13 balls with no problems. Having the ball-gate instead of a standard plug makes reloading under fire far less strenuous. The new feed setup performed flawlessly, with no missed shots. Tip, and the ball is chambered. After some ooohs and aaahs from fellow players, and plenty of bunker spray, the handle and tube were almost completely covered in orange paint. With some warm water, the acrylic parts cleaned easily, and still looked as if they were made from glass.

Even with only limited testing, I would say that these fine offerings from Action Markers will not only improve your game, but also up your standing in the local field's "cool marker club".

Andrew "A.M."Hildreth

- Andrew "A.M."Hildreth
- SCP NE Rep

Buy Stock and pump Gear and Markers at the Official Stock Class Players Network Online Store, Crash Landing!!

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