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   March 23, 2018

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RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun (14 Inch Barrel)


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Palmers Performance Tune and Fasst Changer
September 02, 2001

I think it was about 8 or 10 months ago when I first got my stock (except for a speedloader which rocks) PGP that I immediately noticed what I had heard on various message boards, it only got about 18 or 20 shots from a 12 gram. I wasn't very unsatisfied at the time, in fact I was amazed it shot straight because it was about 11 to 14 years old. Later, when I finally got to play with it, the inefficiency was really irritating. What made it worse was changing the 12 grams, I couldn't get a very good grip on the little knurled metal knob and it took too long to unscrew once I had it loose. Despite all of this, the gun was still fairly accurate and I had a lot of fun going up against Semi's with it, especially in speedball.

However, about 2 months ago I was about to go to the Berkeley School of Music's 5 week summer program so I figured, why not send it to palmers. Less than 2 months later, to my surprise I found a package at my doorstep. I ripped open the packaging as fast as all the tape would allow and pulled out a PGP box. Surprisingly, they had put my gun back into a box for extra care in shipping. Once I got past that I took out my gun, not only did they replace the missing safety but they also took off a great deal of tarnish that had built up. As fast as my legs would carry me, I grabbed a bag of thirty or forty old rounds of paint and a 12-gram.

The fasst changer was incredible! It came off in less than two turns, and when I had the 12-gram in I thought I didn't have it screwed on all the way because it was so easy. All an all, changing 12 grams went from a good 30 or 40 seconds to 7 or 8 with the fasst changer. Next I popped the speedloader on and loaded it up. Even with paint so old an badly kept that the shell was soft and barely circular the gun shot perfectly straight. The trigger pull seemed a little shorted and a bit lighter. Twenty rounds later I was expecting to have to change 12 grams soon, but I reloaded it and kept on going. Finally after about 35-40 shots (middle of my 4th reload) the balls were noticeably going slower. My efficiency was more than doubled, and now I could change 12 grams with ease.

All and all the 1 and a half-month wait and 100 dollars I paid for the Performance Tune and Fasst Changer was definitely worth it. I can now play more games without running out of gas in the 12 gram and when I need to change them, its no longer a problem. There is no doubt in my mind that I will always recommending having this done, as long as you don't mind waiting for a while.

-Freshman Bob

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