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   March 23, 2018

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RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun (14 Inch Barrel)


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New VS. Old PGP
April 02, 2002

New VS. Old PGP

Recently Sheridan has released an updated version of the time tested PGP. This has caused some confusion and creates a dilemma for people who want to buy a PGP for the first time. So this article sets out to define exactly what the differences between the two are, and what advantages and disadvantages there are to the two guns.

Lets start with what the old one is like:


As one can see, it is fairly compact, made of all brass except the grip frame. The top tube is the feed tube, the middle the barrel, and the last contains the hammer, valve, and 12 gram compartment.

The paintballs are held in by a metal plug that pressure fits in with an o-ring and locks into place when twisted. A recommendation for this item is to tie a string through the hole running through it and tie that string to the bolt, this way you won't lose it on the field when reloading (like I did, I ended up using a wine cork for a year). A second option is the Masse Machine Speedloader, which can be acquired from Siegecraft Paintball (; this device permits you to reload by simply sticking a 10 round tube in the back end and pressing a lever. One can also leave the 10 round tube in for 10 more paintballs when needed.

The 12 grams load into the front with a significant amount of turns on the knob. Unloading live 12 grams is a bit difficult with the pressure they exert on the knob. If you find this unbearable, Big Matt's Mad customs makes a quick changing device for the co2 knob. (

It shoots about 250 fps out of the box on average, and cannot be adjusted stock. On hot days, I have had mine shooting up to 295 fps, so I would highly recommend getting a velocity adjustor from Mad Customs or Siegecraft Paintball.

Overall, the old style PGP is a solid dependable gun, which could use some features but is playable without them.


Now, as for the new one, it essentially improves on what the original design was lacking. First off, the barrel is about an inch and a half longer, which might make it unattractive to some on account of being less "holster able". In practice though, it's not too much longer, especially if you run your old PGP with a fast changer for the 12 grams.

The second most noticeable feature are the fiber-optic high-viz style sights that replace the front bead sight on the old style PGP. While they look pretty, most players I have encountered, myself included, aim down the side of the barrel or by looking straight through it. It does impress the newbies though.

Those sights are attached to the most controversial parts of the PGP 2001 - plastic ones. The front feed tube end cap is made of plastic. Mine is fine at the moment, although my friend's has fallen out. Right now there is no part produced by a third party, so if yours breaks, you will have to order a replacement from Sheridan, or revert to my favorite method, the Wine Cork. It's just one thing to keep an eye on if you buy or own a PGP 2001.

The rear sights are also attached to a more functional plastic part, Sheridan's version of a speedloader. This is a plastic sleeve that fits over the end of the feed tube. When in the rearward position, the top has a hole for loading paintballs individually, or placing a 10 round tube over. A 10 round tube will not jam into the top hole. When placed forward, this hole is over the feed tube, preventing paint from spilling out. Part of the controversy with this loading system is because in earlier versions of the PGP 2001 there was a problem with balls jamming or rolling back further than necessary. However this problem has since been remedied. But this plastic sleeve does have problems of it's own, as the rear sights on mine have fallen off, losing it's awe inspiring effect on newbies. If yours breaks, or you just don't like it, a Masse Machine or Mad Customs Speedloader is a much better device, and allows you to keep an extra 10 rounds on the gun.

Two very necessary features have been added to the PGP 2001. The first is a velocity adjustor allowing you to control your velocity. The second is the 12 gram loading knob. It has been extended and given larger threading, allowing one to load and unload 12 grams quickly and easily. Be careful though, since a partially spent 12 gram is liable to shoot right out the front, due to the rapidity which one can undo the knob. This negates the need for any aftermarket fast changers.

The last new feature on the PGP 2001 is a Speed Demon style quick strip bolt. The bolt has a knob in the back that moves back, relieving spring tension on the anti-blowback ball bearings, creating a much smoother easier pump stroke. The pump arm also removes itself easily when pulled, allowing one to twist and remove the bolt for easy cleaning of the barrel.

Ultimately it will come down to personal preference of which model you like best. If you go with the old model, keep in mind that you will want to buy or make a velocity adjustor, fast changer, and speedloader for optimal performance. The PGP 2001 takes care of these issues, although one does have to worry somewhat about the plastic parts used.

My personal preference is the PGP 2001 when playing against semi autos at least, simply because my PGP is bone stock minus the Masse Machine Speedloader. Both guns perform similarly though, and whatever you purchase or own, it will be a dependable gun that I am sure you will enjoy.

NEW!!Working animation courtesy "Meph"

- Philip "Bridger" Chlanda

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