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   April 21, 2018

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RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun (14 Inch Barrel)


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Product Review for Flurry Emissary Tactical Vest

New Ultraback Tactical Paintball Vest - Code named: Emissary

Several years ago I was searching through E Bay hoping to find one of the old Idema tactical vests to use when I play paintball. I never have found a conventional harness system that I was happy with, and I hated having something flopping around on my butt every time I ran. I lucked up on the original Flurry Tactical Vest. I liked the looks of it, and it was different from the Cobra vest that was out a few years earlier (which was nothing more than a vest sewn to a conventional harness). I bought one, and loved it. Over the next two years I spoke with the owner of Flurry Industries, and exchanged feedback on the vest, and what improvements my teammates and I would like to see. We were very excited to see that the Emissary design had included everything we had asked for.

What you get

Each vest comes with two 2+1 pod holders and a tank pouch that can be setup anyway the wearer prefers. The pod holders and tank pouch use a modular design that Velcro onto the back of the vest. The design allows for extra pod holders to be added if desired. Creative players will no doubt start making custom additions to add to their vests. The Shoulder mounted radio pouch is also a standard item now, and can be switched to which ever side the wearer wants. The back of the vest has a pouch that can hold a rather large Camelback hydration system, or similar system. The front of the chest pouch now features a pull down map and ID holder for scenario players. The side straps are now longer, and can fit larger players with out the need for belt extenders. This has been a huge plus for two of my teammates. The best improvement that we all agree on is the ability to remove the padding foam from the inside of the vest. This makes it much more comfortable on hot humid days and much easier to clean after a day of play. The vest uses a tough, nylon canvas material for the outer shell, and a mesh liner on the inside. All of the Velcro is industrial strength, meaning the pod holders aren’t coming off unless you want them off. The back of the vest now has more surface area, allowing for the pods to be lower than before if players prefer that setup. It could also allow for 2 more pod holders to be added, allowing a player to carry 8+4. Another addition that has scenario players in mind is two Velcro panels that can be customized with team names and call signs. There is a name tag on the front chest pouch, and a large panel on the back of the vest. I ordered my team’s vests with our team name “Birds of Prey” on the large rear panel, and our call signs on the name strips on the front chest pouch. Some smaller additions include metal D rinds and front belt stays. The standard features that carried over from the original vest are the chest pouch, two front pouches, and the mask holder. The Emissary is available in black, olive drab, or woodland camouflage. We went with the black with OD lettering.


The vest is extremely comfortable while playing. Everything is kept close up and tight to the body while playing, making it easier to avoid getting snagged on briars or twigs. There is no movement, bouncing, rubbing, or loosening up. The pods are kept on the small of my back, and within easy reach of either hand. I run mine vertical down, so all I have to do is pull down the flap and the pull the pod free. The radio pouch works great, and fits my Motorola Talk about perfectly. The D rings on the shoulder strap can be used to run the camel back tube along the shoulder, and keep it snug and out of the way. I use the two front pouches to hold my car keys and assorted other stuff, and it could easily hold a paint grenade or two, depending on the type. I keep a small camera in the chest pouch. The vest doesn’t bind up when shouldering a marker and the weight of the gear is pretty evenly distributed around the body. No more suspenders pulling at the shoulders. The vest adjusts at the shoulders, and both sides, allowing for almost unlimited adjustment. For younger players, or females, the foam liner can be installed and take the sting out of getting hit. It acts as a sort of body armor but doesn’t bounce hits. Clean up is much easier on this model as opposed to the original vest. The instructions clearly state, do not machine wash. I will admit that I did machine wash my old vest on the gentle cycle, and there was no damage, but I would recommend that the owner follow the manufacturer’s directions. I have found that it is easy to unfasten both side flaps, lay the vest out flat on my sidewalk, and hose it off. The nylon material cleans up fast and easy. When I’m done, I simply hang it up in the bathroom over the tub to drip dry.


My teammates and I are very satisfied with our Emissary vests. We all had the original style vest, but a couple members wouldn’t use them due to complaints about them being to hot due to the foam padding. This new vest has solved what has been the only real drawback to the original design, and added so much more. These vests retail for around $79 and are worth every penny. I’ve seen other vests at scenario games, and I feel that the Flurry vests are superior on every level. If you play scenario games or just like the tactical look that these vests offer, check them out. You will not be disappointed.
Check them out at

Manufacturer’s Description:

The new Ultraback Emissary Vest has features that will help you become a self contained one man army on the paintball field. The Ultraback Emissary Vest has all of the same core design features of the original Ultraback Vest: Comfort, Utility, Versatility and Kick ass Style, but now they are even better than before.

Standard Features:
-- Original design made specifically for paintball and not modified from some other application. The contouring design wraps around your body for a snug fit which promotes increased mobility, distributes the weight and helps keep a low profile.
-- Modular design lets you configure your setup how you want. Whether you want to wear the packs horizontal or vertical it's very easy to switch the setup. You can also add or take away the tank holder attachment if you want to run a remote setup!
--Interchangeable and Re-arrangeable tube holders.
--Removable Tank Holder for Remote Setup.
--Clip to Carry Your Mask When Not Playing.
--Side Zipper on Chest Pouch for Radio Headset Wires.
--Pockets and Pouches For: Keys, Tools, Money, Etc.
--Padded Design Helps Eliminate the Sting of Getting Hit.
The Ultraback Emissary Vest comes with:
--(2) Tube holder attachments w/ ripcords which can hold (3) 140 round tubes each. (One tube fits in the flip out elastic sleeve.)
--(1) Tank holder pouch to run a remote setup.
--(1) Moveable Radio Pouch

-Hydration Unit Sleeve - Zippered sleeve to place a hydration bladder. Sleeve can be partitioned off to fit up to 70oz bladders. (Bladder not included.)
-Removable Contouring Foam - The foam can now be easily removed and replaced back when needed.
-Flip Down ID & Card Holder - Chest pocket now has an extra panel which flips down to easily display ID and view maps & info.
-Movable Radio Pouch - A separate pouch made for FRS type radios. Can be placed on the front or back of the shoulder straps.
-Redesigned Shoulder Straps - Shoulder straps now have nylon loops and D-rings for attaching and routing gear.
-Longer Side Straps - Side straps are now longer to fit larger players more comfortably.
-Front Belt Keepers - Now they are there if you need them.
-Larger Tank Holder Attachment - Tank holder is now wider and taller than before. Can easily fit stubby style tanks & tanks with neoprene covers.
-Extended Attachment Area - Easier to reach your tubes and more surface area for tube and tank setups.
-Optional Custom Call sign and Team Names - Add a custom call sign and/or team name strips to your Ultraback Vest.

The Ultraback Emissary Vest has the features that serious recreational, big game, and scenario players demand. Do what other elite paintballers have done, and Get Yourself A Flurry!
*One Size Fits Most. Tubes are Not Included.



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