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   March 23, 2018

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Winning the Day!!

The leaves rustled in the wind. The sun was low on the horizon. It would be dark soon. The mission was to eliminate the other teams commander and take their flag back to the our teams base, but the teams had gotten caught up in a ferocious fire fight in the center of the field and neither was taking any ground.

In a last effort to surprise the other team and get the upper hand I decided to go deep into the woods and sneak my way into enemy territory. From there i could try to tag the enemy commander and hopefully create some confusion.

I told my buddy to cover me and i dashed into the trees. The yelling and shooting of the battle seemed far off now, but I knew not to let my guard down.
The oposing team had a trench base in this part of the woods and I would have to make my way past it without being noticed, thankfully the angle of the sun created long dark shadows throughout the forest. I suddenly became aware of the sound of laughter and low voices to my left slowly got to my stomach and crawled behind a giant oak. The two figures passed by unaware that they were being watched, the one closest to me began to whistle as he walked through woods. The two of them seemed to be enjoying themselves they were talking about what would be the best upgrades for their guns and what is the best mask. The pump arm on my phantom slid smoothly back ending with a quiet click, the figure closest to me turned to his comrade and slowly whispered "did you hear something?" "Its probably just a bird or a squirrel" said his friend.
At this point I had had enough and popped out from behind the oak and fired a bright orange paintball at the one closest as he quickly headed for the field exit. His buddy turned toward me, but before he could fire i had placed a nice orange splotch between his eyes. OUT! he followed the path of his friend and I continued on my mission.
I came appoint the trench base just as darkness settled in, I could only see two guards peering out into the darkness in front of them. One was in a fox hole surrounded by sand bags, and the other was patrolling the trench. Once again the pump arm slid back with a click and I was ready to go. I shot one at the one in the trench first but the paintball fell short. I knew exactly what it was, I was out of co2! I ducked back behind an old car that was placed there for cover and quickly changed my 12 gram cartridge, by this time the two guards had started to fire into the woods.
Fortunately they had not seen me but they were still a threat. I picked up my empty 12gram cartridge and threw it into a bush far to my right. They took the bait and started to lay paint on the bush, as I quietly moved to a better position. I snapped out and took out the one in the fox hole. The other one, realizing that he was all alone, turned and ran for help but he was stopped by a well placed paintball in the back!
I reached the edge of the clearing surrounding their main base, refilled my stick feed and started thinking of a plan of assault. The commander was in a room on the second floor of the two floor base and there were three stairways leading up to the second floor. One was at the back and well hidden, the second was at the front and was in plain view from anyone facing toward it and the third was inside and had to be accessed via a door on the wall facing me. From where I was it looked as if most of the guards were on the second floor because they could shoot out at the surrounding area from there. I chose to go for the concealed back stairway. There was a guard walking on the balcony above it, but i waited until he was out of sight and then ran for it. When I reached the wall I tucked into it as close as possible and tried to blend in, i then cocked my gun and began climbing the stairs at a very slow and quiet rate.There was a guard at the top but he was facing the other way. I crept up behind him and whispered "Mercy" he was well aware of the mercy rule and walked down the stairs and called himself out. I squeezed myself into a little cubby space in the wall and waited for awhile to make sure that none of his buddies noticed that he was gone. It was then that I noticed the flag hanging at the end of the hallway that i was in.
I checked to make sure that no one was paying attention and I pulled it down, but as I did some of the opposing team noticed and they cornered me in a room. There was no way that they could get in and get me, but there was also no way that I could get out and get them. After a while I heard the sounds of firing getting closer and I realized that my team must be getting close. Then all or a sudden I heard "Mercy!!" "OUT!" BANG! BANG! "OUT!" "MERCY" and through the doorway burst my savior!
Together with members of my team again we started to take over the enemy base, I gave the flag to one of my teammates who took it back to our base then we went hunting for the commander.
One of my buddies was the first to observe that there was a only one room left that we haven't gone into. I pushed the door open and my team mates covered me. Then everything got very loud and crazy, first i got Merced then my teammates yelled mercy and then a fire fight broke out but I didn't get to see all that happened because i was on my way to the dead zone.
At the end of the day the opposing teams commander congratulated me for being so brave and my team cheered me on. The field that was running the big game give out prizes and i ended up winning the, Most valuable player prize witch was free entry to the next big game, an arm patch, and 1000 paintballs I cant wait to go next year!

- Cronos

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