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   April 21, 2018

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Blues news: Introduction , and a bit about Blue
Jan 30, 2003

Blue's News:
Introduction , and a bit about Blue

Hello Players,

For my first BLUE'S NEWS I thought I would cover a little of my background. I started playing in 1983 after buying four NSG SPLATMASTERS right after they hit the market. I called 3 of my friends and invited them over to try something different and fun. We played in our 1 & 1/2 acre woods beside our house and had a blast.
I was instantly hooked and started inviting more friends over to play every weekend. I did it for stress release as I owned and operated an Office Products Business and specialized in layout and design working with Federal, State, and local businesses is southern PA and Maryland. I also sat on 7 different Boards of Directors, smoked 4 packs of Marlboros a day, and had an ulcer.

Yes, I was a heart attack waiting to happen. My wife Sue also played for the first time with us that year and supported me fully as she saw how much it helped relieve my stress level. I started to organize other players and by 1986 played with about 60 players at various locations. in 1987 I officially opened a field "HANSE HOLLOW" and continued organizing players and arranging trips to other fields. I started working with other field owners in cross promoting and buying paintball merchandise together.

By 1991 I had grown as much as I could at my field and wanted to go into Paintball full time. Sue and I sold our two businesses and in 1992 unfortunately went into a very bad partnership to buy the old WOLF'S LAIR. Early 1994 we walked away from the partnership and bought into MONTNEEL DESIGN where I did all of the Marketing for the next 2 years promoting our line of Paintball guns;Z-1, MEGA-Z, MZ-16, and Z-RENTAL. This gave me a chance to travel to many events and play more tournaments and big games. Throughout all this I started doing consulting work helping New Fields and Stores open and become more efficient. I also started speaking at Paintball Industry Conferences on marketing and running big games. In 1996, my wife Sue and I, purchased the old WOLF'S LAIR without the strain of a partner and began specializing in Big games and then Scenario games, naming the field E.M.R. PAINTBALL PARK.

I became the east coast distributor for PAINTBALL MANIA SUPPLIES for three years and then for DIABLO for another two. Now we just concentrate on E.M.R. and helping the industry to grow. I have been friends with Jim Masse, founder of the PAINTBALL MARSHALS, for about 10 years and cannot wait to play with a pump gun alongside the Marshals and other pump players at CASTLE CONQUEST XVI.

I am happy to say that I no longer Smoke, no longer have an ulcer, and still very much love my wife Sue who has put up with me for 26 years of marriage and paintball for 20 years. I still work very hard and long hours, but I also still love and play paintball whenever i get a chance.

Come visit us at E.M.R. PAINTBALL PARK in New Milford, PA and join the EMR FAMILY.

(ed note:) Mike Hanse, AKA "Blue" was most recently prominently featured in the newly released video "William Shatners Spplat Attack" for his role in the Big game of the same name. You can visit his website , EMR PAINTBALL .
Thanks Blue, were looking forward to reading future editions of "Blues News".

- Blue

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