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   March 23, 2018

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Battle Of the Bulge Scenario, A spyís tale..

  As we walked onto the field, on our way to the fort, I wondered whether the 7 hour drive was worth it. This was later answered when the Germans attacked Photo Courtesy Skirmishin the first battle of the game. It was about 200 to 300. The American general immediately sent out a team to get the German tanks.

The ten people sent out, me included, had the Photo Courtesy Skirmishmisfortune of being the first line of the battle. I later named it operation human shield. When they decide to rush, all I could do was fire while running backwards. A kid on my side with a rented gun lit up the back of my head. The medic brought me back in and I fell back to the home base to see if I could get some info from the American general. You see, I was a spy. Me and my partner in Photo Courtesy Skirmishtreason both had the luck of stopping by the German generalís store. He told us of props and demo (demolition) guys. Then he gave us some treasure that could be traded for info. He also showed us how to get to the field, and when we got there he asked us to spy. He gave each of us of paint. He offered Photo Courtesy Skirmishto let me use his shocker, but I said that I prefer my phantom. My partner took it, and used it well. My friend, did well in the first battle. More than I can say for the massively out numbered Americans. According to the ticket count there was only about, 200-350. After the Americans got Photo Courtesy Skirmishwiped out, we went and talked to the German general who gave us gas bombs. Basically a prop that you put down and had it?s card to the ref, and the ref says that every one is out. All weapons other than paintball guns worked this way, for safety. My partner used it to elliminate every one in the American fort. Took out 35 people, and got a whole lot more pissed off at him. After he got surrendered the Americans got paranoid, only one way was left as a entry to the fort. I was right in the middle, and scared out of my wits. I knew if I got the general, I would have to run so fast that my legs would fall off, frozen in the 2 feet of snow. Photo Courtesy SkirmishSo I did the smart thing, instead of assignation, I just gathered information by guarding the American general. At the end of the game I was both cold and exited. I just want to see what would happen when the found out I was a spy. When my and my partner got called up for best military intelligence, the look was priceless, A cross between upset and confused. We won a t-shirt each and we both got half a case of paint. All of this in about 8 hours. I canít wait until I go to the one in July. Itís a D-Day recreation battle. 24 hours and there expecting over 2500 people there. All at Skirmish, in New Milford, Pennsylvania.

Richard Joe bob Perry


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