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   March 23, 2018

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RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun (14 Inch Barrel)


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The following is a collection of informative tips offered by our Own "Crash STP" also the owner of Crash Landing Paintball (SCP's Online store, Team captain of "Action Markers Mayhem" AM's Factory team, a noted Paintball equipment designer and consultant, as well as many other things, but most importantly, just a great guy! Thanks To Finnigan for collecting and presenting the article for publication, With Crash STP's permission ofcourse.

Q: Crash, could you give us newbies any tips on shooting with a pump?

A: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE............. Okay that's always my answer, but most of the time it's true. The only time it is not is when you are practicing wrong or bad habits. Have a solid shoulder mount with the gun. With a pump I use a stock or my 68/45 'geddon. With the marker snapped up, with a full hopper, it should be tight enough to hold the gun and point at a left - right arc of coverage of at least a 40 deg arc (10 o'clock to 2 o'clock) with out moving your shoulder to stock weld.
The 2 biggest things to do here are fit the stock to you. Hold the marker pistol grip in your hand and the stock length you need is the distance from the crook of the elbow to the first knuckle of your pinkie finger on PB marker stocks. Why you ask? I originally started out years ago to be a gunsmith and apprenticed for 2 yrs to be so. One of the quickest ways to improve a customer's trap/skeet shooting was to fit the stock to him. A stock longer than the above description tends to put your shots above and to the direction of your hold arm (right handers shoot high and right) shorter stocks cause the opposite effect - low and to the weak side (right hand shooter will shoot low and left). As far as angle of drop goes, it varies from individual to individual and marker to marker. What you want is your line of sight, when snapped, up to be level and parallel to the bore line or slightly above. On my sterling due to its height I run a straight T-stock. On my illusion I'm running a slightly rebent IYF 12 deg. 12" stock. On my phantom the 12 deg 14" IYF stock. ...and the drop does affect the length.

Here's some more speed shooting tips:

  • Use a stock.
  • Practice.
  • Lock your elbows to your body so your upper arms are solid to your chest.
  • Practice.
  • Work the pump with the wrist and fingers -stay loose with them and allow the natural spring action of your joints and muscles work.
  • Practice.
  • Use your strong hand to run the marker and the weak hand on the trigger.
  • Practice.
  • For aiming start at 10 ft. (yes 10 ft.) and put 10 shots in a row into a coffee can, then step back 2 paces and do it again, then 2 more paces and do it again.
    Continue doing this until you hit 50 out of 50, moving back 2 paces between each evolution. When you can do this find a smaller target and take a day off, then do this drill on the smaller target till you get it 50 for 50 like the first series. Again, take a one-day break and find a soup can to shoot into the same way. On all of these you shoot into the end of the can. If you do this for about a case of paint you'll be instinctive shooting with the marker you've been using on paper plate sized targets at 100 ft w/o thinking. There'll be no thinking to aim, just point and shoot thru muscle memory. For this to work you have to do it as posted starting on 10 ft on all the sizes and take the breaks between cycles. You'll start making shots with just shooting and not thinking.
    Once you get the static targets down you move onto the fun stuff.
  • Moving targets - The best one I have found for this uses a remote control car or truck. Pick up a couple of those super heavy balloons for kids that have the tether strap for punching. Have them inflated with helium so there about 18" - 24" in diameter and secure one so it floats about 4 feet off the ground to the RC vehicle.
    Have some one else control it and see how many times you can hit it. Start at about 30 feet away and move it back as you're hit ratio increases. You won't get many splats on the balloon but you'll hear them. Increase speed and distance as you improve.
  • Snap shooting - I use a large tree in my backyard as my cover and a 5 spinner disc target I use for firearm training; but a couple old vl-200 on steel rods pushed into the ground works great too. A second person to call the target - one, two, red, left, ect. This helps break it up but you can pick it yourself. A snap shot always starts with a target of opportunity so visualize where the targets are when you tuck in behind your cover.
    When you walk a field always try to visualize the targets you'll see from the bunkers you'll be using and how you will engage them. With a pump, flick out and pop a shot off and snap back, then do the same on a different target. When you do the following shot use you're peripheral vision to assess for a hit on the prior one. It doesn't really help to snap out on the same target as in real life they usually won't give you time for a second shot with a pump. Do this until you get a hit on all the targets then change positions (stand, kneel, right, left, off hand, strong hand).

  • I know by now some of you are saying "that's a lot of paint!" and it is, but think of all those times you come home from a field or tourney with paint left over. This doesn't have to be top-shelf tourney paint, anything will work from junk Wal-Mart stuff, to seconds, to that bag of hellfire or evil left over from Sundays tourney; plus it's a one day on, one day off schedule.

    Thanks Crash That was going to go practice now!!!

- Crash STP

Buy Stock and pump Gear and Markers at the Official Stock Class Players Network Online Store, Crash Landing!!

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