Photo Gallery-Pump Pandemonium II- 2005 at EMR Paintball, New Milford, PA

Pump and Stock Class players gathered from the four corners of the earth in august, 2005 in Pennsylvania, for three days of old school goodness!

Friday featured pick up games, and set up. Saturdays main event was a scenario game "Pirates Revenge" pitting the Colonial Militia squaring off against invading Pirates, intent on reclaiming the hand of power! After hours of furious battle, the Militia pushed the Pirates back to the sea and succeeded in protecting their colony (Fort aaargh.) Sunday featured the awards ceremony, an extremely competitive mini tourney, and several other games.

Despite torrential downpours and flooding at times, the weather had little effect on game play and the clouds always seemed to part at just the right times...

This event was sponsored by: EMR Paintball, WEVO Paintball, Westend paintballz, Gunslingers Paintball, Arrow Precision,  Chipley Custom Machine, Hoffman paintball apparel, PMI, The Paintball Marshals, and of course,

Keep an eye on SCP for info on Pumpers Paradise, scheduled in Feb 2006(Florida) and Pump Pandemonium III !!